It’s not often you find a web company with history! Let’s face it, this is still a relatively new industry. But as one of the pioneers of online marketing, Urban Media provide the reassurance of a company that has been there since before Google. Given that in many of the presentations we do, there are a lot of delegates that can’t imagine a world without Google, it probably suggests we are in a unique position of being a ‘web company’ with history!

We began helping businesses in 1997. The landscape then was all about Netscape, CompuServe and AOL. It is amazing to think now that when we began, the majority of people we spoke to saw the web as a fad that would pass. Back then, the web looked more like Dubai in that it had ‘under construction’ all over the place. Urban Media were the guys behind that building frenzy. So, when we talk about how many years ‘experience’, we don’t just mean that we were there as individuals, Urban Media was there as a company helping to blaze a trail for those willing to try out this new ‘internet’.


Urban Media have been around since 1997, longer than some of the largest names on the web.


If you can find a better price for the same work, we will Price Match. It’s our guarantee to you on any like for like quote!


We are a strong (over 21!) team. All in-house and all with specialist skills, combining to make sure your project succeeds.

When Google did arrive, it changed things. Now that is obvious now, but at the time, there were plenty of search engines. You could say that there were too many and not enough room for another, but Google was genuinely different. It was Google that really built the Search Engine Optimisation industry. Well, that and the increasing number of people willing to try out the internet. Before Google, you didn’t have to try too hard to appear when someone asked Jeeves for the types of services you offered. Again, Urban Media was there helping people to get the number one spot for their chosen search term.

By 1999/2000, we were working with some major brands such as Sainsbury’s, DHL, Orange, Glanbia Foods and Tui Thompson. Whilst it all sounds great, this part of our history helped us to focus on who we wanted to help and it wasn’t the corporate sector. We realised that we have a passion for making a difference. A real difference, and that meant working with the SME sector.

Google showed its hand around this time in terms of how it would make money by introducing ‘Adwords’. This was a natural extension to what we did with natural search engine optimisation and website development, so we began helping those that also wanted to ‘buy’ their place on Google. Before social media really began to take off, forums where the original way that people would discuss and Urban Media were there too.

By 2007, we wanted to expand nationally and considered franchising the Urban Media way of doing things. We went as far as the feasibility study and a lot of the preparation work and then the global recession hit! Urban Media have always been a very ethical company and we made the decision not to take someone’s redundancy money and put them in an industry that was being squeezed by a lack of budgets. Instead, we weathered the storm having built up a good and loyal client base.


By 2010, we were seeing the early ‘green shoots’ and decided to think again about growth. Social Media was becoming more widely used in business circles and we had a very clear 3 pillar approach of Website Development, Search Marketing and Social Media. We always do things steady and sure, so it took until 2012, before we acquired an IT business (now Urban IT) and then later a business in Salisbury which is now the Salisbury office of Urban Media. We also began looking at franchising again and our first franchise territory (Watford) was launched.

During this time we have created other (partly) related businesses and continue to see accelerated growth. We are now looking to increase the growth and attempt to provide our very unique (Urban) approach to online marketing for as many SME’s in and around Salisbury (small to medium sized businesses) as possible.

Urban Media Salisbury

The Urban Media Salisbury office opened in January 2013 and is situated in Cross Keys House, just off the Market Square in the centre of the City. Since then we have been involved in many exciting projects and various community events. The latest was the very first Salisbury Contemporary Craft & Heritage Fayre. The event took place in early September 2014 in the beautiful setting of Salisbury Cathedral.