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If you need SEO, Urban Media, who cover Salisbury, can help. Having a stunning, yet easy to use website is really only the first step of the process. For your website to attract and convert potential customers, your potential customer must be able to find your website. Almost every business now has a website. It is naive to think that you simply have to put your website live! It has to be at the top of Google. There is so much competition for every single search made, that a website needs regular on-going SEO work to help it to move up the ranks in the search engine listings. This work is usually known as Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. It is sometimes referred to as Search Engine Marketing, or SEM.

You do not need to be a technical expert to undertake SEO. It is essentially about providing an excellent online experience for your target clients. It does however need a regular commitment of time. That’s why many companies employ the services of an SEO company to undertake this work for them. At Urban Media, we have a dedicated SEO Salisbury team.

SEO Salisbury

SEO includes improvements and additions to the content of your website. This ensures that it communicates a clear and relevant message to your target audience. Whilst there may be several pages of your website that are static and remain unchanged for many years, there should also be fresh content added regularly to other pages. This is to provide interest, topical advice and valuable tips or offers. It could be in the form of a blog, or changing the main content to reflect changes in the products or services you offer. Images, video and other content can also be optimised. Thus your visitors and the search engines gain a better understanding of their relevance.

Proper SEO includes work elsewhere on the internet that links back to your website. The main purpose of this is to direct visitors to your website. Good quality links will also help to improve the value that search engines give to your site, improving your rankings. This ‘off page optimisation’ should include having an active social media presence. Also helpful are listings on geographically or industry relevant directories, and adding valuable comments on blogs on other websites.

To get your website better positioned in the search engines to increase the number of visitors it is attracting and converting, you need SEO. Urban Media, who cover Salisbury, offer a range of SEO packages. The package selection depends on whether you are targeting a local, national or global audience. The competitiveness of your industry and the range of products or services you offer will also help us to determine the right package to help you get results. Contact us today on 01722 440371 or click here for an instant online SEO quote.

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