Our SEO Results

Being number one in Google is a target for most people. At Urban Media, we say it is just the start of a journey. Being well placed (top half of page one) means that you will get the majority of ‘clicks’. After all, very few people go beyond the first page. Receiving these valuable clicks leads to an increase in business. So, don’t take chances with your Search Engine Optimisation.

Below are just a few of the keyphrases that we are currently achieving number one positions for. The list is verified and compiled automatically each day, so there could be a mix of highly competitive phrases and more ‘local’ ones. For a full list of all our top 5 positions, just come in and see us. We are always happy to boast! The real important thing, is that these are the phrases that are bringing our clients extra sales and profits right now as you are looking at this page. Want similar results? Call us now on 01494 538441. We want to help you achieve additional profits too.


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