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seo high wycombeFor SEO in High Wycombe call Urban Media. We provide SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services that will get you to the top of Google (and Bing, Yahoo etc) for the search terms that your prospective customers use. Our SEO work will increase the amount of visitors your website receives. In turn, you will get higher levels of sales.

You need to be in the top half of the first page of a search engine to get a decent number of visitors to your website. This is where we come in. Urban Media have over 15 years of relevant experience when it comes to getting you ranked by the search engines for the right words and phrases.

Speaking of which; it all starts with the words. Before carrying out ‘search optimisation’ we will  research the actual ‘keywords’ for you. During this (Keyphrase Research) phase, we will create a list of possible keywords and find out how many people actually use each one. We can then compile a shortlist of phrases that we want to rank for. Finally, we will ensure that they are relevant to you. Also, that they are the types of phrases that suggest someone has a need for your products or services. We call these the ‘buying words’

Only at this stage are we ready to do the search engine optimisation of your pages. Whilst you may be based in High Wycombe, you may need a lot more than say ‘SEO High Wycombe’. SEO companies will often suggest this local optimisation as it is a lot easier to achieve. Urban Media have lots of examples of very competitive words that we have achieved top of first page listings for. We will get results for local, national or even international searches based on your specific requirement.

Search engines need to deliver results that people want to see. The search engines rely on other websites effectively ‘voting’ for web pages that should be given top positions. This is referred to as ‘link strategy’. Fortunately, we are experts at this too. The process need to appear natural to avoid being penalised by the search engines. Bad SEO cuts corners here. We are often brought in to ‘fix’ problems caused in this area.

Social Media plays an increasing role in the position of your web page search results too. We advise that you have an integrated campaign that covers both SEO and Social Media. If you are in a real hurry, Pay per Click is a good route to get your website to the top quickly. These paid adverts are the text entries to the right and often above the main ‘natural’ listings. We can help you to setup and manage these (pay per click) paid listings. Pay per Click works especially well with local searches and the cost is very affordable. You will always see Urban Media on the paid results for SEO High Wycombe!

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What Now?

If you want to get more people to your website, call us on 01494538441. We regularly achieve top of first page listings for both local and worldwide search phrases (Keyphrases). We get results fast too. No more hanging around!