Putting SEO into Perspective

November 10, 2015 8:23 am

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Traditional Marketing

If your business is planning a local leaflet drop as part of your marketing strategy, it would be possible to visualise the target market. You could identify the number of homes within your catchment and ensure that you print a sufficient number of leaflets.  You could research the other companies that serve that catchment, so you knew the competition and understood how to market your brand’s USP. You could sponsor a local event, hang banners or put advertising up in shop windows to coincide with you leaflet drop canada goose down shelburne https://www.canadagooseisverige.com Canada Goose expedition parka outlet fake, to further build brand awareness testtest.

This approach would certainly take time and effort, but you know that it is necessary to promote your company, to generating leads and boost sales. Once you have gained some customers, their recommendations can reduce the need for self-promotion, although business success is usually dependent on a sustained marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Whilst it is easy for people to understand the commitment of time and money that is needed for traditional marketing, there is often a lack of understanding about what’s required for online marketing. Once a website has gone live and a social media profile has been created, it is somehow assumed that little more needs to be done and the orders will come rolling in.

A new website or social media profile is just the start of a sustained marketing campaign. Like a leaflet in a box, it is going to do little to promote your business unless you do something with it.

In 1996, when the World Wide Web had been in use for 5 years, there were 257,601 live websites and no Google. Although this is still a significant number, early adopters wouldn’t have had to put too much effort into online marketing in order to build brand awareness. Fifteen years later in 2011, the number of live websites was up to 346,004,403. You can see that it would take considerably more work to get noticed and stand out in amongst this crowd lexapro cost.

By 2013 the number peaked at 1 billion live websites and whilst there has been a slight decline since this point, the number is on the increase and according to Internet Live Stats, that produced this data, numbers are expected to return to around a billion by 2016.

Obviously not all of these sites are direct competition for your business, however to get your message heard amongst all of this activity takes time, commitment and investment. You need to work on your website, social media profile and other online presence if you want to attract internet users. If you don’t, there are plenty of other companies who will.

SEO is the on-going work that helps to promote your business, deliver what your customers want and to keep reaffirming your message. Generic or copied content, retweets and posting other people’s ideas isn’t going to do the trick. You need to be celebrating your USP, creating original content, shouting about your values, collaborating with others and ensuring everything is relevant and interesting to potential customers.

SEO takes a daily commitment of time and if you don’t have time, it requires investment in the services of an SEO company who can undertake the work for you. Whilst you will need to invest in this online marketing, you can achieve a return on this investment in the long term. If you need assistance with SEO, Salisbury based Urban Media  has the knowledge and experience to help.