Social Media Marketing Salisbury

social media marketing salisburyIt isn’t really possible for businesses to completely avoid social media. Even if you haven’t set up a social media account, your company is likely being mentioned by others, so in that respect you are already on social media. In at least taking an interest in social media, you can gain awareness of what is being said about your company, thank those who are praising you and address comments that are less complimentary with a professional response.

The relevance and value of each social media platform will be dependent on your business, your target audience and where they can be found. Having an active social media presence on any relevant platforms provides a great opportunity to build up a strong relationship with your best customers, your loyal supporters and those which value your company’s ethos, brand or style of marketing. In devoting time to building these relationships and providing valuable, rewarding or entertaining posts, you will find that your supporters help to spread your message on your behalf, by sharing your posts with their contacts.

An active social media presence, with links back to your main website will also help to drive more visitors to your website. In addition these quality links will contribute to improving your ranking in the search engines. Rather than seeing social media as yet another marketing task to carry out, you should realise the value in simply helping others to spread your message through their own social media activity. Social media is like word of mouth on steroids!

Social Media Management

Urban Media are a well-established company with experience of setting up, actively posting and managing social media profiles for businesses. We can advise on which, if any, of the social media platforms may provide your business with a tool to engage with your target audience. If you are looking for a company to manage your social media, Urban Media, who cover Salisbury, have specialists who undertake this work. To find out more about our monthly social media package, call us today on 01722 440371.

We also appreciate that many individuals want to manage their social media presence themselves, but may need some on-going advice and support to help them get the most out of the time they are investing. For this reason we run monthly free drop in sessions on social media, so you can simply pop in and get answers to your questions. You don’t even need to be an Urban Media customer!

For Social Media Salisbury call Urban Media on 01722 440371