Instagram for Business – New Adverts

October 12, 2015 5:15 pm

Advertising on social media has become very apparent, and this isn’t just for the large corporate companies who everyone has heard of. Facebook has become a platform for businesses to utilise, and most could not imagine their business without it. Not only does it allow you to have another profile for your company and another channel of communication, but it also allows you to advertise to your target market, and this is a much more specific way than regular advertisements. When you’re on the internet, your usage reveals so much about you, your personality and your interests, without you even realising it! They’re even able to track your mouse movements, let alone what you links and buttons you click on.Установка пластиковых окон

Targeting your potential customers by using this information allows for highly specific adverts, and ones that are proven to be much more specific. This has now been introduced to the world of Instagram. As of September 2015, Instagram exceeded 400 million monthly active users, soaring ahead of Twitter’s 316 million. Instagram has recently introduced adverts to companies of any size, not just the corporate companies. Firstly, companies like John Lewis, Maybelline and Levi’s took advantage of advertising via Instagram. The ads appear in your feed, just like your neighbours’ post of their cat would, and you are able to double tap in order to like the image. For most people, you won’t even notice that it is a sponsored advert, and this is due to very clever advertising from the company.

Using the profile information from you, companies will target their post, and it will most likely be similar to those pages which you already follow, thus you not noticing. The behaviour of Instagram users is to scroll and scan the pictures, occasionally stopping when something grabs your eye. This quick action also results in quick double tapping, meaning that users will like sponsored posts without even realising.

Now that smaller companies can advertise on Instagram, it has opened a new channel of interest. Not only can you target those with similar interests, but you can target via location, just like adverts on Facebook. For example, a beauty salon in Salisbury would not only be able to advertise to women aged 15-40 who express an interest in makeup pages, but also those who live in or near the area.

Visual adverts are an excellent way to grab user’s attention, and Instagram is offering 3 types of advertisements. The standard single image, a video or a carousel of images. This new approach of having multiple images to scroll through allows companies to create a story, which has proven to be incredibly effective for charities, particularly their partner Pencils of Promise. It allows businesses to add layers to their company profile, and create a narrative about the company, campaign or product, giving potential customers a bigger insight into their brand. It also allows for website links and call to action buttons, allowing users to have an instant form of contact.

The news of Instagram adverts has created a huge buzz among the Urban Media office, and already, existing customers are very excited about the prospect of a new form of advertising on social media. If you think your business could do with a boost and new lease of prospective customers, get in touch with us to see whether Instagram could work for you.