Online Marketing Partners

July 10, 2015 12:54 pm

The majority of companies invest in a website design as the core component of their online marketing strategy. The website represents their business for everyone who doesn’t come to visit their physical premises. For this reason, considerable effort should be given to ensuring that a website delivers the right impression of your brand.

To achieve online success, you need to be willing to work in partnership with your website design company. Sending through a few pages of copy, some images and a logo and leaving the rest up to them is a big, yet common, mistake. The more information that you can provide the website designer with, the more likely it is that they can build a site that helps you to achieve your business goals.

Your Role

Any successful marketing campaign is based on a clear understanding of your target audience. You need to know exactly who you are aiming your products or services at and what specifically they want from your web pages. The more research that you can undertake to pinpoint your target group, the easier it is for a website design company to create something that will appeal to that specific audience.

You also need to clarify what you want your website to achieve and how these primary objectives fit into your wider marketing plan. This information will help the website design company to create pages that match your requirements and together you can discuss the features and functionality that help achieve these goals.

You also need to prepare the content for your web pages. This usually includes written copy, images, video content, forms and contact details. If you don’t have high quality, up to date content, then it can be wise to ask your web designer to recommend contacts who can undertake the work. Whilst you are undertaking the job on a daily basis, it is often a challenge to present your business from a client marketing perspective, but an experienced individual will be able to.

The Website Designer’s Role

The website designer should have sufficient technical knowledge to transfer your ideas into reality. They should also be in a position to advise against some of your suggestions if they feel it could compromise your online success or if there is an alternative that could produce better results. They should explain the importance of mobile responsive websites, an easy to update Content Management System (CMS), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and analytics data.

In addition to building your web pages, a designer should test the functionality, the usability and the compatibility, to ensure that the end product is user friendly, no matter what device your visitor is using to access your web pages. They should also optimise your pages for agreed key phrases and test the loading speed.

A good web designer will give you a breakdown of the costs of the project and unless you request any additions, you should not be faced with any unexpected charges, for example for hosting. You should get an idea of how long the project will take to complete and if you present all of the required content on time, you should expect your fully functional website to be handed over to you at this time.

In Partnership

By working together as a team, combining your knowledge of your customers and business goals and a website designer’s technical knowledge and understanding of internet marketing, you can create something that can operate as an effective marketing tool. If you need a company to undertake your website design, Salisbury based Urban Media will make a great partner.