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Web Design Salisbury – At Urban Media Salisbury, we design websites not just to look good, but to convert viewers into customers. A great looking site just isn’t enough. There are ways of structuring the design elements that guide viewers along the path to buy.  Our designers and developers always have the profitability of a site for its owner in mind.

Since more and more website visitors are browsing the internet using tablets and mobile phones, a truly great website design must address the way this affects the features of that design. On top of developing a mobile responsive website, which displays differently depending on whether it is accessed from a tablet, phone or PC, other design elements are affected by the device technology.

Simple and clean designs are becoming more popular, as these are easier to navigate on the smaller screens and allow a viewer to find the information they are looking for more quickly. The time of flash animations and complicated functionality on websites is gone, as those features take too long to load. When people have to wait they usually click away and go to another website, before your page has been displayed. Load time is also a factor scored by the search engines, and it has an impact on your website’s position in the search results, with faster loads ranked better.

Web Design Salisbury

There is also a move toward larger fonts. They are easier to read on a mobile phone or tablet, with no need for zooming. A larger and clear font goes well with a tidy and well laid-out design. A clean design and bigger font means that it is even more vital that you are presenting high quality content. The words (known as copy), the images and video content must be of a professional standard. It isn’t just about graphic design and the looks, though.  A website that converts viewers into customers also has great navigation, function and is easy to use.

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With a team of specialists (designers, developers, programmers, etc.) working on every site design, web design design company Urban Media, who cover Salisbury, can help your business create a strong internet presence. Urban Media has web designers and developers who create engaging designs that work to improve your revenues and profits. If you need support with your on-page, viewable content, we will source professional images for you and have copywriters who will provide you with high quality copy for your website. We also have SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialists who will make sure your site has had optimisation work done, and will provide an on-going monthly service, so when people are searching the web for your goods and services, your website will be found at the top of search results. Our social media marketers can ensure the ‘buzz’ around your business grows, too.

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We provide clear and simple pricing for website design and have a long list of happy clients & companies. We even have an instant online quote generator on our website, so you can get a good idea of our pricing before you speak to anyone. If you’d like the perfect web design for you why not try out our website quote generator or contact us today on 01923 601060.

For Web Design Salisbury call Urban Media. Our web developers are here to help you and your company!

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Web Design Salisbury, Wiltshire

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