Bespoke Web Design Salisbury / Development

There are times when using an off the shelf Content Management System is simply not the right solution. With Urban Media, you will always be presented with the right solution; because we can provide either solution.

Bespoke Web Design Salisbury

Our designers are happy to work from a blank canvas, a brand guide or even initial page design ideas from a graphic designer. There is a big difference between a designer and a web designer. What looks great on paper often doesn’t work well on screen. Try navigating some really great looking designs and the subject of navigational design (how you get around a website) becomes important.

Our designers are website designers. Not only can they turn your ideas and an empty page into something that others will want to use, they also understand how to take a brand or graphic design and make it work well online.

Bespoke Website Development

We create medium and large scale website design / development projects in either of the main web programming languages (PHP and .NET). What does that mean for you? Quite simply that we can focus on your objectives and recommend the best way forward for you, not the way that suits us.

Our development team contains a range of specific technical skills ranging from User Interface and User Experience design (UI and UX) through to database design and development. More importantly, our web developers are focused on the business case behind website development projects. Sounds an obvious requirement, but all too often technical people think technical solutions. Urban Media remain focused on the business case behind the technical requirement.

The kind of projects that Urban Media have built include;

  • A document management system with multiple access levels for users and administrators. Members sign up to access 1,000’s of various file format resources.
  • A self-configure shelving site providing a simple front end but with detailed back end picking list outputs, accounting system integration etc.
  • A self-configure gift system allowing site visitors to configure messages and full customisation of the end product.
  • CRM system with automated marketing modules
  • Patient data capture and healthcare educational information sharing site with various access types and levels and a key ‘data security’ component
  • Data management system for a local council controlling its area’s business directory and email marketing requirements
  • Various bespoke content management systems for sites where WordPress was simply not the right solution.
  • Mobile App / Online forum live integration involving the build of both the mobile app and the web based solution.

As you can see, we have created a variety of systems and we think of this side of our development as our ‘everything is possible, we need to find out what is feasible’!

Do you have a development idea that just doesn’t fit the normal ‘mould’? We would love to help make your plan a reality in the most appropriate way. Call us now or drop an email to and let’s meet up to discuss your project further.