Responsive Web Design Salisbury

Responsive Web Design Salisbury  The number of people who are using their mobile phone or tablets to access the internet is increasing rapidly. From becoming more productive on the commute to work, to browsing for relaxation in the evenings, these mobile devices make it easier and more convenient to access the internet. As the technology continues to evolve, this trend is only going to increase. Traditional websites are designed to be viewed on a PC. When viewed on a mobile device, the viewer has to scroll around the page and constantly zoom in and out to find what they are looking for. It isn’t long before this can become very frustrating and the temptation is to leave your site and click on another. Unless you have no competitors, a website that is not mobile friendly will be losing you business right now. So how can you make it easier for visitors to your website to have a more positive experience? The good news is that websites can now be designed to be mobile responsive. This means that it will show a different version of your website depending on the device being used to reach your website. If your website is visited by a PC user, the main version will be displayed in full, but if viewed on the small screen of a mobile phone a simpler version will be seen. As users of mobile devices are looking for ease and convenience, having a mobile website design will give them what they want. If you are still asking ‘Do I really need a mobile responsive website?’ the evidence suggests that if you don’t currently have a mobile website design, you could be missing out on around half of your potential business opportunities. With experience in creating responsive web design, Salisbury based Urban Media can help you to regain the opportunity to engage with these potential customers, who are currently clicking onto competitor’s sites.

Responsive Web Design Salisbury (Mobile Friendly)

Whether you are looking to adapt your current website, or are starting from scratch, it is essential to the future success of your business that you ensure it is a mobile responsive website design. The team at Urban Media can provide this vital functionality at a good value price, so you will quickly recoup the costs and get a return on your investment. If you would like to find out more about mobile responsive web design Salisbury, contact us today on 01722 440371.

Want to see how your website currently looks on a mobile? Why not try our responsive design simulators? By entering your website address below, you can see your website on a range of devices. This may help to explain why your website performs better when it is on a computer than on a mobile device.