WordPress Design in Salisbury

A website that includes fresh topical content encourages visitors to return time and again to find out what is new. From a blog post that shares your expertise and passion for what you do, to video content that showcases your latest project, or regular special offers or competitions, this changing content draws people back to your site.

Once they are there, if the content is interesting and relevant to what you sell, you have the opportunity to build up a rapport, encourage them to follow your call of action and turn them from visitors to customers.

Fresh, relevant content is also favoured by the search engines. It shows that your company is still in business and an authority on the products or services it is promoting on the website. In keeping your website up to date with quality content, it will help your website to gain and retain a good position in the listings.

As a well-established web design company, Urban Media has seen the online success that has been achieved by WordPress Design in Salisbury companies. From moving them closer to the top spot in the search engine listings, to attracting new and returning customers, their websites are working as effective marketing tools.

Websites created with a WordPress design have a built in and simple to use Content Management System (CMS). This means that once your website is created, the web design company can provide you with a brief training session and you will be equipped to make changes and updates to your own content. You will have full control over adding a blog post, changing the words on a page to reflect your evolving business, or even upload your latest video. You are not reliant on the web design company to make updates for you, which saves both time and money.

WordPress designs can be created from scratch just as a bespoke project would be, but you can also start from a template. There are a wide variety of high quality design options available, so a best match to your requirements can be found. The templates have been created by designers to provide clear navigation and visually appealing layouts, along with good functionality and options to add in or remove features to suit the brief. As the design work has already been done, WordPress design provides quality at an affordable price. If you are interested in finding out more, give us a call on 01722 440371 or click here and answer a few simple questions on your requirements for an instant online quote.

As so many businesses choose WordPress design, Salisbury based Urban Media offer drop in advice sessions every month. Individuals with a WordPress website (built by Urban Media or otherwise) can drop in to ask questions and get technical support on making updates or advanced options that enable them to get the most from the system.