The Benefits of a Microsite

March 21, 2016 10:43 am


You may consider microsites to simply be an overpriced landing page for your next marketing campaign. However, microsites offer much more and can in fact help you improve your visibility within search engines, nurture your brand and increase conversions among a specific audience without having to make a considerable investment.

Within this article we’ll explore the benefits of a microsite, and how designing and launching one could help grow your business substantially.


  1. Improve Your SEO

Google looks at each microsite as entirely independent, assuming it’s on its own domain. As a result, a microsite provides you with an opportunity to focus on a specific keyword and increase your businesses visibility for that keyword within search engines.

When designing and launching your microsite you can select a keyword rich domain (e.g. This, when combined with quality and unique content featuring that keyword, will increase the likelihood of you ranking high for it within Google, Bing etc.

While you could have focused on that keyword on your main website, the likelihood is that you would also be focusing on a wider array of keywords. The more keywords a domain is seen to be targeting, the weaker the overall ranking will be for it. Therefore, focusing on one keyword per website will result in improved search engine optimisation.


  1. Improved Branding

It’s not uncommon for a company to have multiple products each with their own branding. Therefore, having a microsite for each of these products allows for that branding to be more integrated into the overall design of that microsite. Providing a more seamless experience for the prospect.

If your business targets a number of demographics, who respond differently to different web design or content styles, a microsite allows you to serve these better. Urban Media, a web design company in Salisbury, work with their clients to design and launch demographic focused microsites. As a result, their array of clients often witness an increase in conversions.


  1. A Platform to Experiment On

Redesigning your primary website with conversion optimisation in mind can be a risky move. Microsites, on the other hand, provide you with an inexpensive platform to experiment on. You can then send visitors to this website and monitor its performance. Without the need to make dramatic contextual or technical alterations to your main site.


  1. A Highly Converting

Investing in an email marketing or social media marketing campaign? Using a campaign specific landing page is always a worthwhile investment. However, big brand often use microsites instead as they allows you to customise the experience the visitor has at a much higher level. This will often lead to a higher conversion rate, whether you’re aiming to sell a product or gather data. Therefore, the small investment necessary for a microsite may be well worthwhile.

It’s clear that microsites have an important role in online marketing. However, without a web design that reflects the objectives of that microsite you may find that your microsite doesn’t generate your business a return.

Urban Media’s team of creative and results-driven web designers and developers specialise in the implementation of such microsites. Visit our web design page to learn more or call our team on 01722 440371.